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Distracting you and causing you to re-arrange your priorities, the new team member may need more than broad direction to write thank-you letters or make cold-calls.

    Do you have a solid development strategic plan in place that you can hand over and walk away with confidence knowing that it will be understood and carried out?

    Communication, communication, communication, can’t be stressed enough in today’s world of social media and multiple confusing points of feedback.

    Getting the right people assigned to the right job is an essential part of moving your organization successfully forward.

    Informing them of your priorities and giving them clear direction in what to do, how to do it, what not to do and addressing the right needs of the organization are key to the new person accomplishing their assigned objectives.

    Are they fully on board with your wishes and desires?

    Unexpected or sustained drops in donations may cause a disruption in your Mission’s tactical plans for the coming months. Giving resources in money or material gifts may drop off and will need to be addressed quickly in order to truncate the slide and turn it around.

    How the new person in this role conducts their business activities in the first six months in the seat will determine to a large extent how the Mission will prosper - or not - for the whole year.
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