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Xledger Accounting Software

Accounting Software

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Brainstorm Labs believes that strategic alliances are essential to our goal of helping clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Designed with a global view and helping to address today’s top issues, trends and priorities, we combine our deep business process, risk, system and industry experience with professionals who are trained and certified by our alliance partner, Xledger.

Coupled with our hands-on familiarity with other in-demand products like NetSuite, Virtuous and VOMO, this enables us to deliver wide-ranging solutions across multiple platforms and technologies.

The main driver for our success is embraced by our innovative use of project management and data management techniques at a time when new technology and increased business demand are upending business models throughout the rescue mission industry.

Many organizations don’t have the luxury of developing needed competencies in-house, so, by combining forces with Brainstorm Labs, Xledger, Virtuous, NetSuite and VOMO, Brainstorm Labs delivers  keen insight into your most pressing needs and enhances your capabilities to realize enterprise-wide value from strategic technology implementations.

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How we can help . . .

Brainstorm Labs will work with you, the customer, to assess your needs and walk you through the full end-to-end process of evaluating your old legacy system and fit into a new state-of-the-art cloud based system that will enable your organization to become more agile, have greater visibility into your financials and migrate off that old legacy system. We’ll work side-by-side with key members of your staff to ensure that your requirements are met and your complete upgrade experience succeeds beyond your wildest imagination!

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