for Your Industry


Brainstorm Labs successfully planned, managed and executed data engineering and migration activities for a large non-profit.  In addition, Brainstorm Labs provided Project Management services to facilitate an ERP migration from a 20 year old system to a state of the art platform for the same non-profit.


Brainstorm Labs provided a high performant system to exchange planting data and integrate geospatial data.  The system successfully transferred data for over 20,000 farms per hour during peak load.


We helped a startup in the healthcare industry implement an artificial intelligence system to predict patients who have sepsis but have not yet presented. We have experience applying artificial intelligence techniques in a useful way.

Banking & Financial Services

Brainstorm Labs helped a major federal agency implement process and analytics for every payment the US Government makes.  This allowed the government to gain insight on payment data they hadn’t considered before.  We understand the difficulties and complexities of storing, processing, and analyzing billions of data points.


Brainstorm Labs helped a large Federal Agency modernize the way they interact with their customers by proposing and implementing modern HTML5 web technologies which provide a better user experience and more efficient use of existing resources. We understand the complexities of government processes and policies and know how to work within that framework.