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Strategic Solutions.

Brainstorm Labs is a premiere resource for some of your toughest project related problems in the non-profit, government or private sector. We can help with technical and facilities project management, data engineering, migrations, business analysis and non-profit development, as well as business strategy and tactical requirements development.

Our Services

Brainstorm Labs has been providing exceptional service to our clients since 2007.  Below are some of our core offerings.

Our Services

51% of non-profits had fundraising significantly impacted by the pandemic. With over 30 years of non-profit and ministry development experience, Brainstorm Labs can assist organizations in optimizing their development departments to maximize fundraising.


A business strategy is a documented plan on how an organization will achieve their goals.  It addresses how to deal with your competition, review the needs and expectations of customers and plan for long term growth.


Brainstorm Labs brings a formal approach to program management (multiple related projects).  Advising stakeholders, project review, audit and QA. Mentoring project teams and project strategy are all parts of our SCORR methodology.

Project Management

Brainstorm Labs offers a disciplined project management framework and approach, using our SCORR methodology, our project oversight encompasses proper planning of all approved scope, costs, schedules and manages risks. 


Poor requirements management processes have been identified as a leading cause of project failure.  Brainstorm Labs brings rigor into requirements definition so projects have an optimal chance of success.


Data engineering makes data more useful and accessible for consumers of data. Data engineering must source, transform and analyze data from each system.  Brainstorm Labs' data approach optimizes data reliability for decision making.


"Brainstorm Labs did fantastic work!  Couldn't have pulled it off without them.  Worked well with the team and provided great Data Engineering expertise.  Project Manager did a great job!  We were kept aware of the project burn rate, and the project RAID log was instrumental in effective communication between the project teams." 


Terry M.
CEO, Non-Profit Organization


Ready to find out more?

For over 15 years Brainstorm Labs has been providing exceptional service to our customers.  As a Veteran Owned Business, our core expertise in Non-Profit Development, Project Management, Data Engineering, Business Analysis, Requirements Development, and Business Strategy help our clients increase revenue and optimize the money they spend for their organization.

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